Monday, July 9, 2012

A Beautiful Design

Have you ever looked around and wondered what on earth is happening with marriage? We desperately want to think of a couple we know or have been exposed to that really has a rock star marriage. BUT, we can’t think of one or remember the last time we witnessed it. Although the culture would disagree, there is something in us that still believes that marriage is something beautiful. The idea of two people coming together and forming one is a spectacular happening that communicates so much love and oneness that is uncommon. That’s why it’s beautiful.  Unfortunately, the reality is we want to see it in this light, but we don’t see many great examples.
There is a beautiful design however. In Genesis 2:18-25 there is a phenomenal picture of what marriage was designed to be. The Creator God had formed Adam fully aware that he would be well served with someone just like him to be in relationship with. So He formed the woman to be a perfect mate for him. And then after creating her from the side of Adam, God did something that was remarkable. He took the woman, whom He had perfectly created and invested Himself into, and handed her to Adam entrusting her care and well being to him. And we read that they were both naked (physically and emotionally) before each other and there was no shame. The two became one and were perfectly united in oneness just as the Godhead was and is. It was an awesome design that demonstrated the love and oneness of God thereby glorifying His name. So the beautiful design of marriage was first to demonstrate the oneness of God.
Marriage, wasn’t a product of the culture nor a way to benefit financially when two became one. It was a union that said everything about who God was and that was its design. It showcased the God who was three in one, completely united, and in complete oneness.  
So as we look around and fail to see the beautiful marriages we hoped to see, let’s remember that there is a perfect design. Let us aim for the oneness that was demonstrated in the first marriage. Let’s make our marriage a rock star marriage and point people to the original design that seeks to honor the God who created it.


  1. Beautiful, so glad God is using you to transform marriages. Thanks for starting a Blog. Look forward to reading your posts. Lena

  2. Great Reminder, friend. Many couples believe their marriages will be solid if they each seek the others' best interests, but only a couple who serve the Lord can experience the solid foundation that His word provides for the union, for just as the trinity embraces 3 as one, it takes Christ as the focus of the marriage to meet each others' needs. As we seek to please Him, He draws the couple together, because their focus is the same. Some believe I have a good job, a great wife, wonderful children, nice house, etc....all I need to add to it is Jesus. They are mistaken. You either have Jesus or you don't have anything.