Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Service Industry

Who doesn't like good service? If you take your wife out to a nice restaurant, you expect to have good service or at least service that doesn't make you stop to think, “Hey, where is my food” or “Why did I get fish when I ordered chicken?” You know what I’m talking about. Most of us have been on the receiving end of poor service at one time or another. However, we desire and expect good service from those in the “service” industry.

Stop and think for a minute. Have you ever considered yourself in the service industry?  If you are married, you have willingly placed yourself into the service industry whether you were aware of it or not. Now, many of us fail to see that we are called to serve our spouse, which often becomes a common ground for arguments, frustration, and disappointment. Nonetheless, as a husband or wife you are called to humbly serve your spouse. We have a great example of what this type of service is supposed to look like.

In Mark 10:35-45, a situation arises where James and John are promoting themselves wanting to sit at Jesus’ side when He sits on His throne in glory. Out of all twelve disciples, they were saying to Jesus, “We want to be the ones who receive special honor and recognition amongst all others.” There seemed to be a self-seeking interest taking place that failed to take into consideration the others in their midst. Understanding what was going on, Jesus pointed out to them a reality that often takes place with this type of attitude. There are some who have positions of authority and receive special honor and recognition but instead of serving others, they choose to lord it over them. However, this neglect of position should never happen. So Jesus tells the disciples that if they really want to be great and do something worthwhile, they should enter into the “service” industry. He called them to humbly serve God and one another. Is this not what Jesus showed them in His own life as well? He tells them that “He came not to be served but to serve and even give His life up as a ransom for others,” (Mark 10:45). He willingly entered the “service” industry.

So, if we are married, we are in a perfect position to practice this act of humble service. However, we often seek only to be served and are disappointed if that service doesn't reach our standard. Instead of looking out for our own interest, let’s start looking out for the interest of our spouse and realize we are called into the “service” industry. Look for ways you can serve and thereby empower your spouse to be all that God is calling him/her to be.

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